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Bold & Creative Advertising

AADV have been providing solutions advertising that build and strengthen brands since 1992


Advertising Everywhere

One of the largest independently owned outdoor media companies in the Lebanon, we're specialists in providing bespoke advertising campaigns.


Billboard Advertising

With access to over 500 billboards across the Lebanon, AADV can make sure your billboard campaign gets seen.


Delivering Highly Targeted Campaigns

Plan your outdoor advertising campaigns for the long term to create memorable experiences.

AADV – ART Advertising

Connect Your Brand. Generate Leads. Drive Sales.

AADV – ART Advertising is a well-known advertising company since 1992 with big expert in OOH Advertising and Public Relations, standing with branches in UAE and Lebanon (Target Marketing & Communication-TMC & AdNet), and has the knowledge of local and international conditions, the experience and the resources necessary to bring about a marked development of your trade in the marketplace.

In the absence of advertising, you may realize that promoting products is not an easy task, but our experience gained would provide a valuable guide to future prospects.

Revenue Growth Partner

Solutions that Build & Strengthen your Brand.

As your revenue growth partner, AADV provides you a marketing planning with everything you need to:

  • Reach
  • Generate Leads
  • Convert New Customers
  • Measure & Improve Results

Grow Your Business with AADV Advertising

Hundreds of thousands of impressions every day, every night, every week.

How Out of Home (OOH) Advertising Works

The Power of Outdoor Advertising.

More Reach

OOH advertising is the ultimate brand-builder, reaching 93% of Lebanese each day. It is big, bold and audacious making it impossible to miss.

Real Audiences

OOH advertising reaches real, receptive audiences. Biometric research shows people are 2.5x more alert outside the home than compared to screen time at home.

Connects Brands

OOH advertising sits where people live, work, shop and socialise connecting brands with people through interactive, geo-located and time-sensitive messaging.

Supercharges ROI

OOH advertising supercharges ROI 30% when paired with other media channels, delivering more online activity per ad dollar compared to TV, Radio and Print.

News & Trends

Stay up to date with AADV – ART Advertising.